These apps will help you score a cheaper flight


There’s nothing more frustrating than being gripped with the desire to take flight and travel but being held back by a repressive bank balance. The most expensive part of most trips away is usually the plane tickets, so with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best apps you can download to make travel more affordable.

>> Cathay Pacific Airways


Skiplagged uses unconventional means to find the cheapest flights. The app books passengers on two-leg trips that are cheaper than direct flights, and the user then ignores the second leg of the trip. It’s a loophole that has made the airline industry mad—and United Airlines actually sued Skiplagged for it.

Hopper via Business Insider


Hopper is one of the most important apps to have on your phone if you’re planning a trip away. Once you tell the app where you want to go and where you’re leaving from, it will give you the cheapest dates to fly. The app will recommend you wait if you will be able to get a cheaper flight later on, and you can then complete the booking through the app once you’ve made your choice and are satisfied you’ve got the best deal.


Airmule is an odd-sounding app. The company behind it makes your flight cheaper by paying for your unused baggage space. It may sound dodgy, but it’s a legitimate thing. If you’re someone who only ever takes a carry-on with them on an international flight, then you’re probably wasting a free checked luggage space. Airmule effectively offers to buy that space, meaning you would take a bag of theirs in checked luggage instead.


Hipmunk doesn’t just search for the cheapest flights and hotels, it also uses some interesting ranking methods. Users can sort their results by an agony index which takes into account flight duration, number of stops, and other factors. The app also offers last-minute deals and the search uses natural language processing to make it even easier to use.

Hipmunk via Skift


Airports can sap the energy out of you, and there’s nothing more envy-inducing than watching people swan into the executive lounges, knowing they’ll be enjoying complimentary food and drink, showers, comfy chairs, and more. But with LoungeBuddy, you can be the person attracting the envious looks, and without paying a fortune. You can book entrance into almost any lounge for a one-time fee, with no subscription charges. Simply select your airport, the day you’re traveling, and pick a lounge. After you’ve bought your pass just show it to the staff at the entrance to the lounge and enjoy the comforts of premium travel, without having to be a member of the club.

Google Flights

It may seem obvious,  but no matter what you’re searching for, Google is usually one of the best options. The Google Flights service, which is built into the Google app and browser, lets you put an alert on a destination, meaning you’ll be told when prices rise or fall. That kind of planning can ensure your grab the cheapest flight possible, and can spend your money where it matters—at your destination.

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